Data visualization can produce significant benefits, some of which are subtle yet powerful. One of the advantages is by enabling potential customers to estimate the complex solution’s value to their challenges. In most businesses nowadays, decision-making increasingly relies on data, which comes at us with such volume and overwhelming velocity that we cannot grasp without some abstraction layer, such as a visual one.

“Know what message you’re trying to communicate before you get down in the weeds.” — Scott Berinato

Complex systems, like SAP — require business process workflow when we implement it to an organization, especially during integration testing.


My initial encounter with Tableau was a reasonably smooth yet exciting process. Before Tableau, I used Excel to create my data visualizations. I should say, Excel and Tableau are very similar. However, Tableau can take an excel file (or other file types) and make it easier to manipulate and produce a different kind of powerful and high-quality graphics. Its beneficial business intelligence software that allows anyone to connect data in a few clicks and visualize and create interactive and shareable dashboards with a few more. Unlike other business intelligence tools, there is no need for wizards and complex coding/scripts. …

The Annual Data Visualization Community Survey for 2020 has responses to 50+ questions and was taken by over 1,700 people. It’s public data covering professional data visualization details like salary and hourly compensation, tool use, location, audiences, organizational structure and more. The dataset can be found here if you want to see to visualize and analyze it.

By definition, data visualization explains the importance of data by placing the data in a visual context. And hopefully, I can interpret it based on my understanding of the data. …

Neo Salacup

Over 10+ years in the IT industry. Currently pursuing professional masters in Data Science

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